The Guardian Angels Animal Protection is a program that exists to help animals & combat the growing rat/rodent issue in New York. This is a program that I initiated as Program Director Nancy B. Sliwa Esq. based on years of helping animals in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and would like to push forward throughout the state as Attorney General.  By spaying/neutering feral cats and setting up cat colonies to keep rodents at bay you are helping communities in a multitude of ways. New York shelters take into their facilities both domestic and feral cats, but feral cat are not considered adoptable and almost always euthanized and yet they have an amazing skill acknowledged around the world; where feral cats live, the rodent population becomes non-existent.

Cats are a great way of keeping rat and mice populations in check States throughout the US have realized this as and have been employing feral cats for rat patrol for many years. They brought into businesses, private properties and public locations to control the growing rat populations. And they do an AMAZING job. In New York City, the Javitz Center employs 4 feral cats that control the rodent population in the 1,800,000 sq ft space. https://pix11.com/2016/10/23/feral-cats-unleashed-at-jacob-javits-convention-center-help-keep-rats-at-bay/  In Chicago the Cats at Work program has proven to be 100% effective at repelling rodents. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dont-bother-petting-these-cats-theyre-working/  These cats are requested for residential areas and currently there is a 6 month waiting list.  In Paris, France into which rats carried the Bubonic plague that claimed 1/3 of the population in the 19th century, the city is again being overrun by rats. Toxic chemicals once used to stifle growth are no longer permitted so feral cats are filling in the gaps.  Throughout cities in United States, rats are taking, but not if feral cats have anything to say about it!

Millions of dollars are poured into the NYC shelter system every year yet feral cats continue to be euthanized because their role in deterring rodents has not officially been recognized the way it has elsewhere.  Cats live to be wardens of their homes; keeping areas free from rodents, roaches and any other vermin that may wander into the area. And the best part of this plan is that New York City can avoid poisons and toxins while simultaneously saving taxpayer dollars.

Colony cats are a “green” humane way to place sterilized and vaccinated feral cats in areas where their presence will help control the rodent population. Common methods used in NYC to control the rat population such as baits and poison placement on public grounds and school yards has proven ineffective and short-term. In addition, rat poison is dangerous to children, pets and the environment. Colony cats present a proven track record in of eradicating rats in line with the natural order of things and must become the first line of defense in New York City’s war on Rats!